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27 Jul Studio B Live-Streams Greenpeace Training Seminar

Last month we shot and live-streamed a training seminar for Greenpeace as part of their #SummerOfResistance program. Shot on Canon C300s, we cut the video and added graphics and commercials on the Tricaster 460, recording and streaming to thousands of viewers on Facebook Live. Led by Greenpeace organizers, the video provides resources and training for creative, non-violent action. Overall it was a big success, reaching over 200,000 people on Facebook and inspiring action around the country.


Live-stream shoots need to be meticulously planned and executed since there’s only one shot at delivering a polished product. With dozens of successful live-streams under our belts here at Studio B, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and guarantee peace of mind that our experienced crews will deliver high quality production value for any budget. Our client Dan from Greenpeace left us a great review: “As for the pieces I was involved with – working with you was very easy, even on a tight timeline things ran smoothly and you made yourselves available to lend your personal thoughts and opinions to our project. We really appreciated this. We also appreciated how patient and straight forward the coordination process was and your willingness to answer our questions in a timely manner. I also heard rave reviews from staff who worked directly with you and the rest of the team on Sunday.”

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14 Jun The Benefits of Live-Streaming

Live-streaming Video

“The truth is, there has never been a better time to embrace live streaming. Audiences are watching more streamed content than ever. Plus, the costs are within reach of even modest budgets.”

We’re big proponents of live-streaming. Whether it’s a business conference, awards ceremony, sporting event, concert, or comedy show, there’s a huge value in delivering the video content directly to your viewers in real-time over the web. Newtek, the company that makes the Tricaster system that we use for most of our webcasts, put together a great short ebook that covers the benefits of live-streaming and seven lessons for those looking to get more out of their content using live-streaming. While the ebook is targeted towards video professionals, it’s got several great lessons for all businesses and content producers.


For example, lesson #3 is about driving greater engagement with social media. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“In an age of ever-increasing social media engagement, it’s crazy not to take advantage. Failing to join in means you won’t be able to take part in conversations about your programs. As a result, you’ll always be at least one step removed from the active, engaged audience that every sponsor and rights owner values.”

In our experience filming and streaming dozens of events each year, we can vouch for the high value of audience engagement and the benefits of live-streams. Here’s the link to the full ebook: Live Streaming: How to Take Your Productions Into Real Time, Big Time

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20 Jul Breakdancing Competition Live-Streamed via Tricaster

Tricaster 460

Our Newtek Tricaster 460 was out in action this weekend on a crew services gig, managing the live-edit and recording of the UDEF Style Elements Crew 21st Anniversary breakdancing competition in San Jose. Using three Panasonic GH4 camera feeds, audio inputs from the floor and commentators, and a pre-loaded bank of images and video for screen overlays and commercial breaks, we cut and live-streamed the competition to the UDEF website.



View the replay of the live-stream above and check out images below courtesy of individuals’ Instagram accounts. The first image is the live stream and the second shows the event commentators, director, and technical director on the Tricaster.



Tune in now livestreaming… #udef #silverbackbboyevents #monsterenergy #sec21


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