The Benefits of Live-Streaming

Live-streaming Video

“The truth is, there has never been a better time to embrace live streaming. Audiences are watching more streamed content than ever. Plus, the costs are within reach of even modest budgets.”

We’re big proponents of live-streaming. Whether it’s a business conference, awards ceremony, sporting event, concert, or comedy show, there’s a huge value in delivering the video content directly to your viewers in real-time over the web. Newtek, the company that makes the Tricaster system that we use for most of our webcasts, put together a great short ebook that covers the benefits of live-streaming and seven lessons for those looking to get more out of their content using live-streaming. While the ebook is targeted towards video professionals, it’s got several great lessons for all businesses and content producers.


For example, lesson #3 is about driving greater engagement with social media. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“In an age of ever-increasing social media engagement, it’s crazy not to take advantage. Failing to join in means you won’t be able to take part in conversations about your programs. As a result, you’ll always be at least one step removed from the active, engaged audience that every sponsor and rights owner values.”

In our experience filming and streaming dozens of events each year, we can vouch for the high value of audience engagement and the benefits of live-streams. Here’s the link to the full ebook: Live Streaming: How to Take Your Productions Into Real Time, Big Time

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