Professional Videographers & Crew in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond


In addition to providing professional video crews we also have the lastest and greatest digital cameras and support gear. Our digital cameras include Arri Alexa Mini, and Sony FX9 & FS7 Cameras. We also have the top-of-the-line digital cinema lenses including Zeiss CP3 and Anamorphic Prime Lenses and Canon Cinema Zoom lenses. Other support gear includes slider dollies, gyro steadicam systems, drones and more.



We scale the crew based on the specific needs for each production. From small ENG crews to full scale commercial productions. Below is a full list of our crew offerings.

  • Producers
  • Production Coordinators
  • Casting Services
  • Directors
  • Directors of Photography
  • Sound Recordists
  • Digital Media Data Wranglers
  • Script Supervisors
  • Camera Operators
  • Gaffers
  • Grips
  • Video Engineers
  • Teleprompter Operators
  • Hair / Make Up Artist
  • Stylists
  • Set Designers
  • Jib Arm Operators
  • Tricaster Operators

Why Studio B Films Crew Services?

Putting Together the Right Crew for the Job

We know how intimidating it can be to hire a professional video crew, particularly when you’re shooting out of town. We take pride in our ability to dial in on our clients’ specific needs and make sure we have the right crew for the job. There are times when what matters most is that the DP can move fast while shooting beautifully lit interviews and cinematic b-roll. Other times you may have a green-screen shoot that needs the best lighting setup for pulling a perfect key, and we’ve got the technically minded DP, DIT, and Gaffer for the job. Or perhaps on a tighter budget you’re looking for a director/videographer who can direct the crew and run the interview. Whatever the specifics, Studio B Films has a large pool of professional, talented, client-facing in-house and freelance crew members perfect for any gig.


San Francisco / Bay Area Location Scouts and Services

From stunning downtown loft spaces to distinctive Bay Area neighborhoods to scenic San Francisco skylines, you can lean on us to help you find, book, and obtain permits for the best places to shoot.


We Know our Way Around San Francisco Convention Centers and Hotels

Having shot dozens of conferences and events in San Francisco hotels and convention centers, we know how to navigate both the show floor and the union rules at these locations.


Call us at: 510-848-6026 for help with your next production.