Breakdancing Competition Live-Streamed via Tricaster

Tricaster 460

Our Newtek Tricaster 460 was out in action this weekend on a crew services gig, managing the live-edit and recording of the UDEF Style Elements Crew 21st Anniversary breakdancing competition in San Jose. Using three Panasonic GH4 camera feeds, audio inputs from the floor and commentators, and a pre-loaded bank of images and video for screen overlays and commercial breaks, we cut and live-streamed the competition to the UDEF website.



View the replay of the live-stream above and check out images below courtesy of individuals’ Instagram accounts. The first image is the live stream and the second shows the event commentators, director, and technical director on the Tricaster.



Tune in now livestreaming… #udef #silverbackbboyevents #monsterenergy #sec21


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