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09 Feb New in Studio B: Westcott Flex Lights

New in rentals are the Westcott Flex Lights.  Lightweight and powerful, these fixtures have the “flexibility” to light all kinds of scenes. Each light is constructed of an LED array on a soft panel that can either attach to a square frame for support or stand alone in unique lighting situations.




All of the Westcott Flex Lights are impressively bright and generate significantly less heat than fresnel or HMI lighting sources.  And with a super low weight and profile, the panels easily mount anywhere — handy in very tight setups.




The Westcott Flex Light Travel Kit includes everything you need to set up two 1×1’ soft light sources.  With dimming options, battery power and adjustable color temperature, this kit is perfect for setting up quick interviews or adding light to “run and gun” productions.  Studio B also offers a 2×2’ daylight balanced Flex Light for situations that require higher output.


The lighting systems come with frames, diffusion, dimmers and adjustable ball joints compatible with baby pin mounts.