4k Internal Recording on our Sony F5


Move over F55, our Sony F5 can now shoot 4k internally straight onto SxS cards. We just upgraded it this week, so now there’s no need for the AXS-R5 external RAW recorder for quick and easy 4k shots. While it doesn’t shoot RAW internally (for that you’ll still need the R5), if you want to shoot 4k and don’t want to deal with the size of RAW footage, it’s a lighter, cheaper alternative. Now, rather than recording 500GB of footage for just an hour of 4k RAW, you can fit a lot more on your cards and hard drives with the more compressed 4k XAVC codec.

Since they first came out, the ability to shoot 4k internally is one of the main aspects that set the more expensive F55 apart from the F5. With upgrades like this, however, the gap is narrowing and the F5 is proving to be the better investment.

Best of all, the basic camera rental hasn’t changed in price at all with this upgrade, so you can now rent the F5 and get beautiful 4k images for the same rate as before.

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