Studio B in Virtual Reality

Studio B is in the VR game these days, shooting and stitching 360-degree video for the web, mobile, or VR headsets like the Oculus Rift. Check out our non-interactive reel above to see some samples of 360° videos we shot recently.


We’re especially excited about the possibilities that Virtual Reality presents and have been experimenting extensively with 360-degree rigs and VR storytelling. While not the right medium for every story, when your goal is to drop the audience into an immersive experience and take them to places that they would otherwise not have access, we think there’s nothing quite like VR. It’s truly an amazing tool.


We are offering 360° camera rentals as well as services such as concepting, shooting, stitching, and editing VR footage. To read about the services we offer and possible video applications for 360, check out this page here. To rent our GoPro Omni 360° camera rig, go to this page here or give us a call!

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